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Monday, February 27, 2006

What, me worry?

I can't possibly be the only who *isn't* worried about the state of "Monkey House." I mean, c'mon, I'm the director. I'm the one who should be the most worried by the fact that the set is only about half done, that we're still trying to track down a good prototype "Euphio" prop, that I don't have a sound person as of yet, or that there are certain costumes that still seem to be MIA.

But I'm not.

Surely I can't be the only one who realizes that these things always sort themselves out at the last minute. Surely most of those involved with this production have enough theatre experience to know that we all dream for more than seven weeks to pull a production together, but can still comfortably work within whatever time constraints we're handed. And surely those without that experience are willing to trust the comfort levels of those around them.


I'm not sure where the terror is coming from, exactly, but it hasn't infected my mind yet, and it ain't going to.

There's still more than a week before we open, and we're mere inches away from having a kick-ass show. How could there possibly be anything wrong with that?

And for those interested in the accompanying art, "Poster C" appears at the top of this post. Still technically unfinished, as it's still missing the performance patrons and corporate sponsors, and even though I need to make changes to the ticket location information, I haven't yet. So consider this an official pre-release-release. Or something.

See you in a day or two.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

And so it begins...

And when I say "begins" what I really mean is "begin to end."

"Welcome to the Monkey House" opens in a little under two weeks, and the only thing I can think is, "Holy crap, how has time flown by so quickly?" It's not that I don't feel the show will be ready in that short a time -- I have no doubts that it will be, and that it will be one damn fine show -- but rather, I'm dreading the notion of saying goodbye to this process. The creation process, for a director, is an amazing one, as you being to see a thing begin to take life on the stage in a way that, up until then, had only lived inside of your own brain.

I know I promised rehearsal pictures, which have yet to show up, and I know that considering I am this blog's biggest advocate, I've used it terrifyingly little. It's probably too late to do anything significant about that fact now, but let's see if we can get a few blog posts in before opening night.

And while we're posting anyway, let's throw up some artwork.

The image above is Poster "B" from Welcome to the Monkey House -- one of five different posters we'll be using, partly because it's hard to market a play about four different stories, and partly because I'm a psychotic freak who gets really excited about silly little gimmicks like having multiple posters.

A few people have suggested that I might confuse people, and leave them thinking that there are four different plays going on, to which I say, "Um...yeah, I suppose it might confuse people. Still, five posters! Cool!"

If I don't slack off completely, look for the remaining four posters to make their appearance here before opening night. Otherwise...well, I imagine you'll see them around town in the next week or so.

PS: This poster is not technically "official" -- it's still lacking the performance patron and corporate sponsor information, and I haven't confirmed the ticket locations as of yet, so think of this as an advance preview...