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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Relay: Final thoughts

It's 7:00 a.m. now. I'm home. This is not a moblog, but typed at my computer. I'm tired, and juggling the pros and cons of going to sleep now.

My face is warm and getting mildly tingly. I hadn't realized just how cold I was out there on the field.

Having participated in the Relay for the first time, I have two immediate thoughts. First, it is incredibly exhausting. And second, you come away feeling like you *did* something of some significance. Whether you fixate on the money raised, or the effort put into walking around that track all night, something significant was done, in the name of a very good, and very important cause -- fighting cancer.

In retrospect, I'm unsure whether my ultimately personal ramblings belonged here or at my own blog. While I was participating as a member of the Studio Theatre on the Studio Theatre's team, my few moblog rambles (and this non-moblog ramble) were entirely my own, and have no connection to the theatre in any way shape or form.

In my defense, this space has seemed a little vacant lately, and wether people visit or not, there are now, at least, a few more things to read than there were this time yesterday.

And if you are here reading...more content should be arriving in a week or two, as I begin to post about pre-festival preparations, and then festival itself.

Relay moblog #3

4am. People are in various states of consciousness. There arer still people on the track, though this may simply be because walking is the only sure way to remain warm.

In other news, my knees feel like jello.

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Relay moblog #2

It's midnight, we're huddled in a tent. Not sure why. It's no warmer. I need a nose blanket.

I think I've 15 or 16 laps, but I haven't really been counting.

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Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm currently on the ninth lap of the eve. I'm actually walking as I wriote this. How weird is that?

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This is a test.

This is a test of moblogging at the theatre's blog.

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EXT. A dusty road leads into a ghost town...'s been sort of vacant in here lately, it seems. Sort of a sad, unused portion of the 'Net. Which, perhaps, no one has noticed, because it doesn't seem that this area of the 'Net gets much in the way of visitation.

But that might be about to change.

Well, not the visitation part. I can't do much about that. But the unused thing, I might be able to do something about.

The "Relay for Life" is tonight. The Theatre has a team -- The Drama Queens and Kings. Somehow I was coerced into joining the team, so I'll be at the relay myself. I'll also have my blackberry, and a digital camera.

So, if things get interesting enough (or boring enough) I may wind up moblogging the event a little bit, from the field. Because...hey, why the heck not.

And it's just as possible that photos may wind up here in a few days, assuming I take any decent ones.

Keep your eyes on this spot. Things may be a shakin'.