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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Relay: Final thoughts

It's 7:00 a.m. now. I'm home. This is not a moblog, but typed at my computer. I'm tired, and juggling the pros and cons of going to sleep now.

My face is warm and getting mildly tingly. I hadn't realized just how cold I was out there on the field.

Having participated in the Relay for the first time, I have two immediate thoughts. First, it is incredibly exhausting. And second, you come away feeling like you *did* something of some significance. Whether you fixate on the money raised, or the effort put into walking around that track all night, something significant was done, in the name of a very good, and very important cause -- fighting cancer.

In retrospect, I'm unsure whether my ultimately personal ramblings belonged here or at my own blog. While I was participating as a member of the Studio Theatre on the Studio Theatre's team, my few moblog rambles (and this non-moblog ramble) were entirely my own, and have no connection to the theatre in any way shape or form.

In my defense, this space has seemed a little vacant lately, and wether people visit or not, there are now, at least, a few more things to read than there were this time yesterday.

And if you are here reading...more content should be arriving in a week or two, as I begin to post about pre-festival preparations, and then festival itself.


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