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Saturday, February 25, 2006

And so it begins...

And when I say "begins" what I really mean is "begin to end."

"Welcome to the Monkey House" opens in a little under two weeks, and the only thing I can think is, "Holy crap, how has time flown by so quickly?" It's not that I don't feel the show will be ready in that short a time -- I have no doubts that it will be, and that it will be one damn fine show -- but rather, I'm dreading the notion of saying goodbye to this process. The creation process, for a director, is an amazing one, as you being to see a thing begin to take life on the stage in a way that, up until then, had only lived inside of your own brain.

I know I promised rehearsal pictures, which have yet to show up, and I know that considering I am this blog's biggest advocate, I've used it terrifyingly little. It's probably too late to do anything significant about that fact now, but let's see if we can get a few blog posts in before opening night.

And while we're posting anyway, let's throw up some artwork.

The image above is Poster "B" from Welcome to the Monkey House -- one of five different posters we'll be using, partly because it's hard to market a play about four different stories, and partly because I'm a psychotic freak who gets really excited about silly little gimmicks like having multiple posters.

A few people have suggested that I might confuse people, and leave them thinking that there are four different plays going on, to which I say, "Um...yeah, I suppose it might confuse people. Still, five posters! Cool!"

If I don't slack off completely, look for the remaining four posters to make their appearance here before opening night. Otherwise...well, I imagine you'll see them around town in the next week or so.

PS: This poster is not technically "official" -- it's still lacking the performance patron and corporate sponsor information, and I haven't confirmed the ticket locations as of yet, so think of this as an advance preview...


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