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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Come and Monkey Around

Just as one comes to a close, so another begins. Thus is the cycle of theatre life.

I've been out of the building for a couple of weeks since the close of Arsenic, and while the brief vacation has been kind of fun, it's time to get the ball rolling for my directorial effort this season -- "Welcome to the Monkey House."

And the first phase of any production is the dreaded auditions. Which, by the way, any and everyone reading this should come to.

December 12 and 14 at the Glendale school -- we'll be cramming ourselves into a classroom on the Monday night, and in the actual theatre on the Wednesday.

There are rolls in the play for four men and eight women (with the flexibility to add more, if we get a really great turnout, which I'm kind of hoping we do). There are two roles for teenagers -- one male, one female -- while the rest of the roles are very none-age specific.

If you'd like to help on the production in any other way, feel free to drop by and say hello. We've still got a few positions that need filling, and every little bit helps.


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