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Friday, October 07, 2005

We're in our natural habitat again...

Post-rehearsal, we are all (well, those of us that are thirst) at ther bar, and I am blogging this from my blackberry, because I am just so gosh darn cool.

Oh, and yes Sheryl-Lynn, I should be learning my lines, but the call of the booze is just too strong.

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EDIT: Actually, the date / time stamp on this post is all messed up, as I had to resend it again the next day after it vanished somewhere in the dusty corners of the interweb...


  • Thanks for clearing that up. It could have explained a lot about learning lines if you were still in the bar at 6 the next day. After all, they do have to close to clean and all don't they? Though I suppose if one were to hide in a deep dark corner, perhaps with the help of some Chinese ninja star throwing karaoke kings... it could be possible. One never knows.

    By Blogger MistyVine, at 9:54 PM  

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