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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Official: Monkeyhouse Cast

At long last, after weeks of headaches and struggles, we have a cast for "Welcome to the Monkey House". Gracing the stage in a variety of roles throughout the play will be (in alphabetical order):

Robyn Carrier
Bob Chamberlain
Christy Cyr
Michelle Cyr
Elise Davies
Brad Hammerstron
Juli Harland
Sharon Hoffman
Sheryl-Lynn Lewis
Travis Needham
Sean Smith

A great big thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned, and even bigger thank you to all of you who agreed to take part in this production (including those behind the scenes, whose names I'll toss up here very, very soon). Some the casting nightmares I had left me feeling very, very close to throwing in the towel on this production, but now that we've begun rehearsal, now that I'm starting to see the scenes and the moments come to life, I'm feeling a little fire of excitement in my heart again.

It's gonna be a heck of a show.

Also note: Performance dates have been moved, due to delays during the casting process. We will now run from March 8, 2006 to March 18, 2006 (Wednesdays through Saturdays). So if you were already planning to come and see us during the first week of March, you might want to change your plans.

Early rehearsal photos to arrive in this space soon, if all goes according to plan.

EDIT: Had to change the dates from May to March, because I am an idiot who doesn't know when my own play opens. Thanks Carol.


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