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Thursday, December 23, 2004

More Pictures just because

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You know how tempting it is to overdo something once you figure it out? Well, I may now be guilty of that! Anyways, here is Sharon (with the dark hair) berating poor Dolly, played by Heather.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Okay, so he's kind of a nice guy.

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Here's Jay, again. Doesn't the guy ever leave the stage? And Rachel, who is playing Gillian, the believer in ghosts, who is able to completely befuddle the good Inspector.

He's mean, he's mean, he's really really mean

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Here are Jay and Sharon rehearsing for Ravenscroft. Jay is Inspector Ruffing, and Sharon is Lady Ravenscroft. Or, Wingnut.


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Alrighty, let's put some pictures up here. Here's our props guy, Curt. He sure looks busy...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Speaking of Norma

Given last night's performance, I think Mrs. French should become "The Tickler". But that's just me. It's kind of up to Jay, non?

Oh no....

I said I wouldn't do it. I promised myself that this time would be different. I told myself, the actors are smart people, they can figure it out for themselves. I even rationalized that if it comes from them, then it will have more meaning and be organic to what's happening in the play. But then I did it anyway...

I micro-managed/directed. I told the actors what to do. Almost down to the finger gestures. Arggg! And they listened! And did what I said, and were seemingly grateful. But, I don't think it's as good as it could be if it came from within them. Perhaps with me asking leading questions.

One director I worked with in Nanaimo who teaches at the college, said that he makes himself hold onto the chair he's sitting in so he doesn't get up on the stage. I wasn't going to take it that far, but I was going to give the actors the responsibility for most of the "choreography". And I'd been doing good. Restating their questions such as "So, I run when I get to the corner of the chair" to "You run when you feel the need to run".

See, i didn't want them to just be imitating me, however flattering that might have been. It wouldn't have come from within the character. Maybe I'm just expecting too much too soon? Or, maybe how I'm seeing the character isn't the same as how they're seeing the character.

Ah well... I suppose a tiny bit won't hurt. I'll just try again next tiime.

And you should see what Norma can do to a chair.

(And I'm going to try to have pictures from next rehearsal here for next time.)

Blaming it all on Todd, and his party leftovers.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ideas Keep Flowing

The cast is settling into their roles. The backstage people seem to be coming together. The set? Well, it's still a concept.

The director? I'm trying to boil down a 99 page script to a concise 25 words to end the sentence "Don Nigro wrote Ravenscroft to show that". Working with the idea of truth, and relative truth, and morals and the right thing. It's a work in progress still, although I've promised the cast that it would be done on Sunday. Deadlines. Sure give you reasons to get things done.

I'm also trying to work without a lot of preconceived ideas of where actors should be and what they should be doing. Which might be scary for the actors cuz they must then figure these things out for themselves. And then I make them do it a different way. It's a good thing they're into playing with me.

Gonna do something different this play. I don't want to have every moment on stage choreographed. John Cooper brought up the idea of "hanging" a play around various moments on stage. So, in any given scene, there are one or two actions that must happen. The rest of the movements are open to what the cast is experiencing that night. I'm hoping this will keep the actors working and listening to each other. Staying in the moment and experiencing what's happening on the stage. Keeping it "fresh". Let's just hope it's not utter and complete boredom!

Yeah, it kind of all sounds very artsy and experimental. But, maybe it'll work? It's worth at least a try. And if it doesn't work - I'm willing to try something else.

Oh, Jay's nicknamed all the characters: The Ice Bitch, Wingnut, Spawn of Wingnut, Dolt, and- well, we haven't chatted with Mrs. French yet...