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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ideas Keep Flowing

The cast is settling into their roles. The backstage people seem to be coming together. The set? Well, it's still a concept.

The director? I'm trying to boil down a 99 page script to a concise 25 words to end the sentence "Don Nigro wrote Ravenscroft to show that". Working with the idea of truth, and relative truth, and morals and the right thing. It's a work in progress still, although I've promised the cast that it would be done on Sunday. Deadlines. Sure give you reasons to get things done.

I'm also trying to work without a lot of preconceived ideas of where actors should be and what they should be doing. Which might be scary for the actors cuz they must then figure these things out for themselves. And then I make them do it a different way. It's a good thing they're into playing with me.

Gonna do something different this play. I don't want to have every moment on stage choreographed. John Cooper brought up the idea of "hanging" a play around various moments on stage. So, in any given scene, there are one or two actions that must happen. The rest of the movements are open to what the cast is experiencing that night. I'm hoping this will keep the actors working and listening to each other. Staying in the moment and experiencing what's happening on the stage. Keeping it "fresh". Let's just hope it's not utter and complete boredom!

Yeah, it kind of all sounds very artsy and experimental. But, maybe it'll work? It's worth at least a try. And if it doesn't work - I'm willing to try something else.

Oh, Jay's nicknamed all the characters: The Ice Bitch, Wingnut, Spawn of Wingnut, Dolt, and- well, we haven't chatted with Mrs. French yet...


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