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Friday, June 18, 2004

The results are in

On Tuesday June 15 the Play Submission Committee (made up of Curt, Carol, Biddy, Tanya, Jay, Bob, Shirley-Ann and Debra) met to discuss and choose the plays for our 2004-2005 Season. We had several excellent submissions: The musical "Hair" (Gaye Burton-Coe, with a view to doing a co-production with Columneeza), the musical "Annie" (Becky Strickland), "Mary's Wedding" (Sheryl-Lynn Lewis, who plans to take this one to Festival), "'Night, Mother" (Todd Sullivan), "Opening Night" (Tony Savile), and, as a possible alternative, "Educating Rita" (Tony Savile).

The team started officially discussing the choices at 7:00pm and we didn't finish until 9:40pm. Every play and every possible scenario for the season was discussed, and everyone had their own opinions and ideas. The cool thing was that even though everyone had very strong opinions, we were able to work together towards a common goal. It is not necessarily the season we all envisioned as we were reading the different plays, but we came up with what we thought would be a strong, interesting and great season. It was not easy!

The 2004-2005 Season will be this:

Opening Night - October/November
Hair - December (in the Gibraltar Room for 4 days)
Mary's Wedding - February
Annie - April/May - (possibly a 3-week run)

In the end we decided that a 4-production season would work for the best in terms of meeting demands for theatre space, and also that we could support 2 musicals. We figured that the musicals are so completely different, are going to be in different venues and are far enough apart in the season that they would both be a strong audience draw. Putting Annie in the spring (yes, we are aware that is when WL does their big musical but we are doing it then anyway) will be a great way to finish up the season, on a really strong note (pun not intended).

Both the musicals and Opening Night have lots of roles to offer, and Mary's Wedding, with 2 characters, will be our entry into Festival for 2005. The 2004-2005 season has lots to offer, and will be very exciting and rewarding for everyone who wants to be a part of it, regardless of the role they play (pun intended).


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