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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Big Move

So, we've finished the run in Williams Lake. And we've finished the two rehearsals at our theatre. And we've been to Quesnel to check out Correlieu Theatre. Now, there's a prime example of design gone wrong: seats 186 people or so, the first row of seats starting 24 FEET away from the end of the stage. The reason being, it's a multipurpose room. Sound familiar?

And now, we move.

We pack up all the props and set pieces and newspapers, and we throw them (well, not literally) into the back of a moving van, and drive to Quesnel. There, we have four hours to recreate the set and lighting that took us the better part of two weekends to put together here. Sure, no problem!

To accomplish this time limited feat, we must pack very carefully. The stuff going in the truck first should be the stuff we're going to need last. (That's probably where the newspapers will go) We're bringing seven sheets of tongue and groove flooring to put down on the multi-purpose linoleum in order to help us bridge that gap between Reverend Eddie and the audience. We're bringing the fridge. No matter what Brad thinks. And of course, Metal Jesus and the stained glass windows. And 100 feet of airplane cable to hang them with. I'm wondering if they shouldn't be among the first things to come out...

And then, because we're performing on the floor, we need to move lights. And more lights. And then gel the lights. And make the windows and MJ glow. And program the board.

Then there are the actors, who are going to be going off stage right now, instead of stage left.

And the list goes on. But, it'll be exciting. I'll let you know.


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